Do You Have Spider Veins? Try These Four Steps!

23 May 2019
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According to WebMD, spider veins affect as many as 60% of people. While this condition is normal and not a cause for alarm, many people find the appearance of spider veins unsightly. If you want to regain confidence when you're wearing a bathing suit, spider vein treatment can help you. Here are four steps you should take if you're bothered by your spider veins: 1. Visit your doctor for a consultation. Read More 

Menopausal And Sex Hurts? Some Things You Can Do

22 August 2017
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If you are going through menopause, many changes are happening inside your body. One major change is your estrogen levels drop, which can cause your vaginal wall to dry out, making sex painful for you. Another thing that can happen is your vaginal muscles will become loose. This may cause your partner to complain that sex is not as pleasurable for them. Fortunately, there are many things you can do for both the dryness and loose vaginal muscles, including the two things below. Read More 

A Quick Guide To The Growth Of Moles After To Menopause And Their Removal

16 February 2017
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If you are aware that you are now or will soon be experiencing menopause, it is important for you to be aware that the growth or appearance of moles often accompanies this stage in a woman's life. That is due to the fact that hormonal changes associated with the change of life, both your own natural hormones and any supplements to those hormones that you use, can result in a variety of changes to your skin, including moles. Read More 

Dermatological Lasers: Three Skin Problems These Lasers Successfully Treat

28 November 2016
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Dermatologists see dozens of different skin diseases, disorders, and skin problems, from acne to Kaposi's Sarcoma. With the advancement of lasers in the many areas of medicine, the lasers used in dermatology can treat a number of skin problems. Here are three of the most common problems that these lasers can treat and eradicate.  Acne Acne treatment services involving lasers have proven quite effective against moderate to severe acne. If you have acne so bad that nothing else has worked against it, you should give dermatological lasers a try. Read More 

Is It Seborrheic Dermatitis Or Skin Cancer?

30 September 2016
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Seborrheic dermatitis is a type of eczema that appears on the body, especially on the scalp and nose. It is a painful condition that, unfortunately, often resembles various forms of skin cancer. Therefore, telling the difference between these conditions is important in order to find a treatment that is appropriate. Signs Of Seborrheic Dermatitis Seborrheic dermatitis tends to appear on the body near your oil-producing glands. The causes of this problem are unknown, but have been linked to a few potential contributing factors, including a genetic predisposition or hormonal imbalances. Read More